Neo Blare Login

Welcome To Neo Blare Online Audio

If you have an account in Neo Blare, then click Login else click Free Signup button.

Please fill username and password with appropriate data and click Login button. Error message will be displayed if wrong data is entered.

If the given data matches the database, User will be directed to the Home page of the application.

Neo Blare SignUp

To Signup Neo Blare, User has to fill some personal data like First and Last Name, Email, Password, Stream Name, and Country. Also, select a package from the dropdown available.

Please note that Email ID entered here will be used as username to login the application. Also, verification mail will be sent to that Email ID. Hence, make sure Email ID is appropriate and valid.

*All the fields are mandatory.
After entering valid data, click Submit button.

Verification mail will be sent to your Email ID, click the activation link which will lead you to the Login page of Neo Blare.

Neo Blare Home Page

After User logins, Neo Blare home page is displayed with below features:

1.Profile Picture : If user wants a picture for his profile, User can upload a photograph clicking on this icon.

2. Public Stream: Anyone can access the streams which are chosen Public. This icon shows the list of Public Streams by the User.

3. Private Stream: If the User wants to share the stream only with few, then he can opt for Private.This icon shows the list of Private Streams by the User.

4. Share Stream: This icon is used to share your stream with your friends.

5. My Profile: This icon displays the Profile Details of the User.

6. My Stream: This icon displays the information of the Stream details.

7. Publish : This icon is used to Publish your stream.

8. Settings: Settings icon is used to change your password.

9. Listen: Listen icon is used to listen to the Neo Blare audio songs.

My Profile

Here you can update your details.

My Streams

There are three types of streams available in Neo Blare Stream list.

All Streams
If the User clicks on 'All Stream' button - all the public and private streams will be seen in the list box.

Search option is also available to search any streams.

Private Streams
You click on 'Private Stream' button to display all the private streams in the list box.

Public Streams
You click on 'Public Stream' button to display all the public streams in the list box.

Publish Stream

If User click on Publish icon, Publish page is displayed.

Select a stream from the dropdown list of streams.

When you select a stream, stream details are displayed.

Click Publish button at the bottom of the page to publish the stream.

Note: User is not provided with the option of changing the streams as Public and Private. He can only view them.

Once User has published the stream, he can click on Listen icon to listen the audio of the stream which has been published.

Listen Streams

This page displays the Public streams. User can select required stream and listen the audio.

User can share the stream with friends by clicking on Shared icon.

If you click on share button, a new page is displayed with Email ID field. Please enter valid Email ID.


If you want to change your Password then click on Settings button in Neo Blare Home Page.

Please fill the fields with old and new passwords. New Password must be repeated in Confirm field. Also please note that all the fields are mandatory.

Click on Submit icon to complete the Password change process.

By clicking on Logout button, the User will be logged out and redirected to the Neo Blare Login page.