Welcome To Neo Blare Live Encoder

Neo Blare Live Encoder is used to Broadcast your Radio Online Services

Please enter appropriate data in the Username and Password fields and click on ‘Login’ button. If the data is correct, User will be navigated to the Home Page else an alert message will be displayed to enter correct data.

Home Page

Select a Stream Name from the dropdown list and then click the Connect button.

If you want to record and save the stream, Check 'Save to Local File'(default folder location is documents), you can change the folder location by clicking on Browse button.

When you click the Connect button the Start button will be enabledotherwise Start button and Stop button are in disable mode.

Click on Start button to start recording your voice.

If you want to stop a stream, then click on the Stop button.

Disconect button will disconnect you from streaming.

Log Details

Click on the Live Encoding Log button, It shows the user details like connecting and disconnecting the Network status.


Please click on Help button to know more about the streaming details.